First Year

Major First Year Law School Assignment – Done!

WAHOO – The Argument section of my Appellate Brief is done! This is really no major revelation or accomplishment, as it is due in about 3 hours, but still, I feel relieved to have it out of my hands until tomorrow when I go over it with our prof.  This is THE major first year law school assignment, causing countless hours of stress and frustration, and stretching of the brain. Next, practice Oral Argument on Friday. I am very mixed about...

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Law School is Making Me Schizophrenic

(Or, as we discussed in Torts, is it really just bringing out a condition that would have eventually appeared anyway? Probably no matter since I signed up and paid the tuition, something tells me there will be no recovery on my part anyway.) First, I will say, yes, I’ve been away for a while….sick kids, lots of school work to do, still am not where I’d like to be, but my head is above water, barely. So, it feels like I have...

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Evening Student Challenges – The Guilt

OK, so you want a taste of my life? Here’s my partner’s blog today: ———————————– …We have done 15 trillion activities but nothing for more than 5 minutes at a time. Let me tell you – that’s a LOT of cleaning up and putting away. I’m frustrated. I’m tired. I’m lonely (which is odd since I don’t have 10 seconds to myself)....

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First Year of Law School – The Appellate Brief

If Weak Appellate Brief is Written and There’s No One Around to Read It, Does it Still Suck?  This is a project we work on during the entire first year of law school culminating in what hopefully is a well-written appellate brief and an intelligent, well-prepared oral argument. OK, so I finally have a decent draft done of our first appellate brief argument. I define “decent” here as meaning there are words that make up...

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Seeking my calling – getting a busy signal

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I was really put on this earth to do. For me, this is more of a practical question than a religious question, though I do not mean to imply practicality and spirituality are mutually exclusive. I suppose many of us traverse through life hoping to find the one thing that finally makes life CLICK into place. Thing is, I don’t think we can just hope to find it. I think for most of us, it is a treasure hunt that...

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Being a Mom is Terrifying

We had a horrible scare Tuesday night. I got a call from my son saying something about blood and an ambulance had just arrived. (It ends up he was saying his sister turned blue; nothing about blood.) All is OK now. It was terrifying and horrible and THANK GOD all is good now. As I rushed to the clinic where my daughter was waiting to be seen (good that an ambulance was not needed), I realized this strange turn of events, which we were pretty...

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