I’ve been thinking a lot about what I was really put on this earth to do. For me, this is more of a practical question than a religious question, though I do not mean to imply practicality and spirituality are mutually exclusive. I suppose many of us traverse through life hoping to find the one thing that finally makes life CLICK into place. Thing is, I don’t think we can just hope to find it. I think for most of us, it is a treasure hunt that we must pursue with a virtual, if not actual, pirate ship, picks and shovels.

I have embarked upon this journey of education to become a lawyer. I have yet to discover the type of law I am most interested in, and that is one of my journeys without a map, and that is OK. I will get there. However, just “being a lawyer” is clearly not my calling. (This is where my partner freaks and yells, “What do you mean it’s not your calling? We’re not going $120K into debt for you to decide not to be a lawyer! *grin*) I think a lawyer is simply one facet of what I am meant to do, a piece of a more intricate puzzle. Maybe I will work for lesbian and gay rights, work to help animals, or who knows what when the pieces all come together.

I’ve found an interesting site: ChangingCourse.com.  One among several of its sort, I am sure, that encourages people to find their true calling and live the life they dream of rather than settling for making a living and dreaming of having more. So, far, I’ve not purchased any of the author’s books yet, but the free newsletter archive and other info is really useful. It helps people, yes, even law students, to think outside the box.

See the kinds of things I think about when I should be working on the draft of our first persuasive paper that is due tomorrow?  Ah, procrastination as an art form…