WAHOO – The Argument section of my Appellate Brief is done! This is really no major revelation or accomplishment, as it is due in about 3 hours, but still, I feel relieved to have it out of my hands until tomorrow when I go over it with our prof. ┬áThis is THE major first year law school assignment, causing countless hours of stress and frustration, and stretching of the brain.

Next, practice Oral Argument on Friday. I am very mixed about this. My public speaking ability has gone downhill since the days when it used to be something at which I was quite good, and actually kind of liked. Guess that means the ability really is still there, it is just in a weakened state from lack of use, not unlike many of the muscles of my body. So far, my public expression in class, except when adding a bit of levity to the situation, has been less than impressive. So, four days before practice, and about a month before the “real thing” downtown.

OK – next random thought – a revelation of sorts:

If Barry Manilow did 80’s rock, he’d sound a lot like the lead singer in 38 Special. I know – that’s weird. I can explain how I got there, but I won’t, but I bet the next time you hear, “Hold on Loosely,” you’ll think of Barry.