We had a horrible scare Tuesday night. I got a call from my son saying something about blood and an ambulance had just arrived. (It ends up he was saying his sister turned blue; nothing about blood.) All is OK now.

It was terrifying and horrible and THANK GOD all is good now. As I rushed to the clinic where my daughter was waiting to be seen (good that an ambulance was not needed), I realized this strange turn of events, which we were pretty sure was turning out OK, could mean the end of my second semester of law school. Would there be long-term care and follow-up appointments needed? Could I catch up what I had missed? This meant I had now missed 2 of 3 nights of two different classes. Would I be able to focus and get engaged in the work? None of that really mattered. What mattered was that my daughter needed to be OK. Life and death situations sure have a way of smacking us into the reality of what is important.

We’re holding our kids a little tighter and a little longer now. It’s going to be a bit harder than it was not going home to them after work today, and for a while, I suspect. I sure hope, in the long run, this law school experience and the resultant degree, is worth all the sacrifices my whole family is making.