2007 July Nighttime

This blog is primarily for moms and soon-to-be moms who are considering, or have already enrolled in law school, or any other demanding graduate degree program.  It is also for any parent who is considering going back to school full time and wondering how it will impact their family, their job, their friends and themselves.  There is a lot to consider as a “non-traditional student,” and I congratulate you for having the insight to do this personal type of research as you think through your decision, or for seeking support if you are in the midst of the chaos of school, work, family and life.

I graduated from law school a few years ago, successfully passed the bar exam on my first try, and am now working for the company I set my sights on while in school.  When I entered law school I was a 39-year-old mother of a 3-year-old son and a 6-month-old daughter , and continued working a full-time job.  I still run into people who want to know how I did it, what it was like, and whether or not I would do it again. I really enjoy talking with people about the decision to go back to school later in life and offering any helpful advice I can,  Hence, this blog was born.

This is a compilation of blog posts I wrote while in law school, mixed in with some useful 20/20 hindsight from someone who made it through to the other side. I have distilled the original content, taken out much of the mindless rambling that I often posted while in school (which was a welcome relief from hours upon hours of class notes, case notes, and other assignments), and will be posting the real substance that I think would be useful for other moms considering law school, or any other degree program.  Some of this is very personal, some is academic, and all is very representative of the things that deserve consideration whether you are in the decision-making phase or already a student.

The blog posts are organized by year of school followed by some insights about that year from my current perspective looking back.  It’s the wisdom gained through experience, some of which I wish I’d known then, and some of which it’s just as well I didn’t.

I will be adding new insights and scanning back through blog entries from time to time in search of more useful information to share with you .  Eventually I may be able to revive my old laptop and add in some resources, study tips, note-taking tips and general “how to survive” info.   If you have any questions, please use the contact form and I will do my best to answer them quickly, and possibly create a FAQ page. Your questions could help others, too, so please don’t hesitate to ask.

I hope you find this information useful, and wish you luck on your journey!