Getting through Law School was tough! I know any little bit of advice that could make life easier was always welcome. Here are some items that helped me along the way and I would definitely recommend.

LSAT   Prep

Hands down my favorite LSAT prep book is the PowerScore LSAT Logic Games Bible. Logic games tends to be the area that trips most people up, so it is the area to really focus your studies on. This book teaches you how to approach each kind of problem in the fastest, most efficient way.


Take as many Official LSAT PrepTests as possible. Purchase the actual LSAT previously administered tests, not just look-alikes. Practice all you can, score yourself using their answer key, and practice your weak areas over and over.

Study Guides

You will need study guides. I remember not being sure if I would really need them. Maybe I could just read all my materials, take good class notes, and supplement with a little reading on Westlaw, or another internet source. The answer is no – study guides are needed. My favorite series were Examples and Explanations and Crunchtime. I sometimes used Emanuel Law Outlines.

Student Gear

A good rolling laptop case is essential. Spend some money and get a quality one. I used mine 6 days a week on all kinds of terrain and through various weather conditions.  I started with a rolling backpack with the thought that if the wheels ever break, I could put it on my back. Uh – no. I suspect there were days that I had 40 pounds in my pack. It would have been very awkward and heavy. An actual rolling case will give you room for all the books you need for each day (hopefully), plus your laptop, and a snack.

Look at Your Life

Change the Course of Your Life! I am a huge fan of Valerie Young and her website, which is focussed on helping people find the work they love doing. If you are exploring your options, this is a wonderful resource.

Study Guides and Gear

These are some of the updated versions of my favorite study guides and essential gear.