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Photo by Casey Duncan Johnson

Fall is here! If you are just starting law school – you are in for quite a journey.  Now and then, try to remember that not everyone gets to go to law school. Enjoy the ride!  If you are just thinking about law school, or are a returning student, your experience won’t be quite that of a 1L, but interesting nonetheless.  Lots of work and big decisions ahead, no matter your path!

Here’s a quick tip as you are starting this new season of school: get yourself organized and into a set routine as quickly as possible.  Know exactly when your study times are, and make sure your family does, too.  Also, make some dedicated family time every week that your whole family knows about and never violate that sacred time.  Don’t study during family time thinking just this one time will be the exception. Don’t use the time to check emails or play on your phone. Take the time to really be present with your family. You need it, and so do they!  This will be even more true as the weeks go by.

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