MaddieI am so tired of law school.  I’m actually coping better than many of my classmates, but can I just say it here – I am done. Not really, of course, but I am feeling done with the full-time job, going to school, then going home to mostly not see my family because they are sleeping, and then doing it all again. Don’t get me wrong. I am actually mostly enjoying my classes. I wish I could get paid to go to them instead of the other way around.

I miss my family. They miss me. I want to be around each night to put the kids to bed and then watch TV with my partner. All the new shows are starting and law school is definitely going to interfere with the new season. Yes, I know, TV is mostly mindless entertainment. THAT is the point. I LIKE mindless entertainment.

I am looking forward to family fun this weekend. I don’t know quite what that will look like, but I do know there is still homework tomorrow. How fast can I read (and comprehend) 100 pages