Happy Friday! It’s a rainy, dark day, and yet, I am feeling quite good today. Even the paper I have to write tomorrow doesn’t have me down. Tonight I am taking the kids to a movie at Boy Wonder’s school. The kids all take sleeping bags, spread out on the floor, and pig out on pizza and candy while sort of watching a movie. We went several weeks ago, and though we only watched maybe 40 minutes of the movie, had a good time. Tonight’s feature is a Bee Movie. We’ll end up having to rent or buy it later because I have little faith the kids will actually get through it, but I’ll want to see what happens. 🙂

Spring break is week after next! Yeah! Not quite summer, but at least it will be a little break. I’ll still have some homework – and need to get serious about some outlining – but still – I’ll be home having dinner with my family for the week. That will be good. Now that I’m nearly done with three years of this crazy routine that is my life, I am finally feeling really tired of it. Work, school, internship, homework, family…..that’s about the order of how much time any of my priorities actually get. I am tired of my family being last. Sure, I take off days when they need me, and always save all of Sunday for them, but it’s just not enough. I miss out on so much – the silly and the amazing things our kids are doing every day, my son reading books to his little sister, the bedtime stories. Well, summer is coming, then just one more year!

One thing at a time – Spring Break – one week away!