Kaylen Painting Feb 2007How can it be that the tiny baby struggling for breath in the nursery, screaming at the top of her lungs days later (because she could, I guess), falling asleep on my chest at night because her startle response was so severe that she’d wake herself up if we laid her down flat, is turning two? How can that tiny baby now be forming complex thoughts, simple sentences and carrying on┬ácomplete conversations? I don’t know how it can be, but it is. Baby Girl is turning two, and in just a couple months, her brother turns five. It hardly seems possible. Our little family of two has grown to a perfect-sized family of four. It’s weird to think how two people can bring their lives together and consciously decide to make more people – make whole people from virtually nothing. How incredible is that? What I suppose is even more incredible is that we’ve done it as two women without the “involvement” of a man. We’re participating in changing the definition of what a family is and what marriage is. We don’t need the law to acknowledge that, we don’t need right-wing Christians to approve of it, we’re just doing it. It is. We’re living our lives as best we can, struggling with the usual challenges of parenthood and life in general, and just being in this world because at some point many years ago two sets of two other people got together and decided to create more people. How cool is that?