At the moment, it seems figuring out my law school schedule is almost as complex as finals!  I have just spent the better part of 5 hours studying and trying to piece together possible class schedule options for next year.

There are three possibilities I must take into consideration:

1) If I have the flexibility to take day classes, but can’t get into the clinic I want to take because it is overloaded.

2) If I have flexibility to take day classes and can take the clinic I want to take.

3) If I have to take all night classes because I’m in a new job that won’t allow me flexibility of taking a day class/clinic.

So, I’ve been trying to fill in all the options, get the right numbers of credits, manage conflicting class times, make sure I am getting the classes I need to earn the Environmental Law Certificate, plus balance it out with Bar subjects, blah, blah, blah. I’ve about got it worked out, but there are no contingencies for NOT getting into any of my desired classes. So, I have to get in to everything I want to take.

As you may have figured out, I still do not know if I will continue to have a job where I currently work. Maybe they will tell us next week. In the mean time, I am networking my b*tt off! I am asking everyone I know if they know anyone in the environmental field that might know of any open positions, or just who know a lot of people to whom they could refer me. I am hoping to find a job similar to a project coordinator, possibly working with contracts…anything to get some experience in the field. A law clerk job would be good, but it would need to pay at least $20/hour and I understand those positions are hard to come by. Even that wage would hurt our family income, though not as much as being unemployed. I could do it if I worked 40 hours rather than 32.

I’m avoiding the hard stuff here, the issues I have no control over – the family issues. My partner’s mother passed away last Friday. She went peacefully, after what had been a rather rapid decline over the last few months, and a very rough last month. It is sad, but given the circumstances, everyone is relieved she is finally at peace. The funeral will be this Saturday.

My dad is declining….well, they are trying to get him stable enough that he can go live with my sister for a time, until he needs a higher level of care. Dealing with the Medicaid system, and the docs and nurses employed by such, is proving very frustrating for my sister who is the one trying to navigate it. Now that finals are over, and my family will soon be home (Yeah!), I can hopefully help out some, at least by making some phone calls, or helping her organize her thoughts and questions. She is overwhelmed, out of her own environment, frustrated, and sad. I think she is having a hard time right now being an effective advocate. It is always easier to see things clearly from a distance, where you can step away from the harsh realities of “the system” and the fact that your loved one is dying.

On that happy note….

No, wait, I really can’t leave it like this. OK – happy thoughts:

FINALS are OVER!! I am officially a 3rd year law student!

I will get to be at home with my family for dinner every night, and tuck the little ones in bed every night!  Summer is arriving and the beautiful weather is so uplifting!