Law School Insights Cover 3 copyJust a couple of quick updates.

First, I have just finished uploading blog posts through my third year.  Only one more year to go and all of the most relevant ones will be available on this site.

The glimpses offered really do provide a good idea of what life was like for me while in law school.  Hopefully, it is useful for those of you wondering what life might be like in law school.  I love looking back on the pictures and stories of my kids when they were younger, but I don’t miss the long days of work, school, and communicating with my family mostly over the phone.  We sure knew how to make the most of our Family Days though! We crammed all the fun we could into that one day every week that I set aside just for them.  Then when summer came and all I had to do was go to work?  Lots and lots of good times!

Next – the book is getting much closer. It is going through the final phase of edits after I added in a bunch more tips just this past week.  In my ideal world it will be released in about another two weeks, but I am learning there are parts of this process that are beyond my control. Stay tuned.

There will be an offer for a heavily discounted ebook version prior to the release of the paperback.  If you want to be notified by email, simply sign up for updates at the side or bottom of this page.

The picture here is what I believe to be the final version of the cover.  I think it turned out great! (If you would like to vote, go on over to my Facebook page and look for the posting from August 6.)