What a huge relief! ¬†Another round of law school finals is done! ¬†Although I would say that I was not particularly stressed out about finals now that I am a big, bad 2L (humor, folks), I have to say I was incredibly happy last night when I turned in my last final. *Whew* It is nice to be able to have the free brain space to think about other things and now, focus on Christmas. I realized today that I have not even considered shopping for Christmas brunch or my part of Christmas dinner. What did I ask my mom to bring for breakfast? Muffins? Guess that means I’m doing the Swiss Egg Scramble! I wonder if scrambled eggs freeze well? Could I cook a double batch and freeze it?

So….shop for Christmas food, including eggnog, pick up an ultrasonic mouse deterence gadget (half the world seems to say they work and the other half says no), wrap presents, buy last few remaining gifts (nothing for Dad, yet) and look for movies to record so we can watch at night after kids go to bed.

Random jump back to finals…….I have discoverd that I actually kind of like doing essay finals. Is that weird, or what? My Civ Pro professor was right last year. It is kind of fun to have the opportunity to show what I know. It makes me realize that I learned a lot. Enough to continuously write for almost 3 1/2 hours on Intellectual Property topics and still not feel like I said everything I could have. I don’t know what I left out, but if I’d had more time, I might have found more possible claims, defenses, whatever. That’s OK, though. I feel good about all my finals and just hope I did at least as good as average, and hopefully even a little better. It’s a tough curve in law school. We all probably walk out of finals feeling preety good about how we did. We all probably did do quite well….but if everyone does a good job, it makes it really hard to stand out and to do exceptionally well. That’s OK, in the end, as long as we pass, we’ll still get to be called “doctor.” Oh, wait…..that’s med school…..Damn.

Happy Holidays everyone!