I took my Admin Law final last night. I feel good about it. I did not stare blankly at the page wondering what the heck to write, so that is always good. I do have a theory though that almost everyone leaves most finals feeling pretty good. Most of us do well…..so it is hard to have a good sense of if you did better than most or about the same. Oh, well. I did my best and now I’m on to the next. I will take Evidence and Con Law II next week.

So, where the heck have I been? Life has gotten crazy. For those of you who read my partner’s blog, you already know. Her mother is dying so she has been living in a hotel with our kids about four hours from home for the past three week so she can be close to her mom. It’s a total roller coaster ride, and not the fun kind. The kids and her are SO READY to be home, it is draining and sad and exhausting. The only good parts are that she is able to be with her brother and sister and all experience this together and they have really helped out a lot with the kids. Her brother’s girlfriend has been wonderful with them, trying to keep them occupied while she is with her mom, and accompanying them on fun outings, like to the Science Center. Of course, the kids, especially the little one, won’t let my partner out of their site for long, so it is all still very much a challenge.

I go up and visit on weekends. We all miss each other very much.

A week into this I found out the department where I work is being eliminated and my job may or may not remain. Great timing.

Later that day, I found out that my dad has been hospitalized and has terminal cancer.

WHOA! Enough! Done with bad news now.

At least Dad is hospitalized within about 15 minutes from my partner’s mom, so that is working out well to visit him when I go up on the weekends.

I was pretty shaken for a bit, but hey, I have to move on with life, right?

So, I am acting as if my job will go away, and contacting everyone I know that might know people that work in the environmental field – sustainability, alternate energy sources, regulation compliance, green spaces, anything! I figure it is time to get some relevant experience. I plan to specialize in environmental law – and will either practice or do administration when I graduate. I think working for the EPA would be fun.

Ideally, I will get a great job offer and find out that my current job will remain as is. I LOVE choices!