Law school dead week – what?

Where has this semester gone?! I cannot believe there are less than two weeks left before reading period, also referred to by some profs that have been around a while as “dead week.” I am not sure why this never struck me as odd before. There are no classes for the shortened version of the week, which is only three days since the first two are used as class make-up days, so campus is kind of “dead” except for those choosing to study on campus. It struck me that might also be the mental state of some of us after hours of endless studying…..or the state we fear we could end up in upon viewing the upcoming exams. Multi-purpose phrase….”dead week.”

Yes, now the intense paper-writing, outlining and studying begins. On campus we are all whining about how much we have left to do. It is such an excellent time for procrastination. I have heard there are those whose houses are never cleaner than right before finals. Surfing – the Internet kind, not the water kind – is taken to a whole new level. Suddenly movie reviews,┬áhoroscopes and clicking “here” to determine your IQ are very important activities. In the end though, most of us are quite good at crunch time, and somehow, the papers, the studying, and the finals all get done. Then – a month off for Christmas break! I can hardly wait!