helicopter seedsDespite the lack of sunshine, it is finally almost feeling like summer. The past school year is behind me, I can register for the last section of my classes for next year today, we’ve already had a mini-vacation to the beach, Boy Wonder is almost out of school, the garden is underway, the sandbox is built, we’ve been to our first garage sales, and the propane tank on the barbecue is full. (I know this because I had to fill it after some hot dogs ended up conspicuously under-cooked last week.)

I feel myself taking nice, deep breaths and contemplating more than just getting through the next task – work, school, home/sleep, work, school, home/sleep. It feels like I have a life to live for a bit. Not that I am unhappy or not living life while at school, but summer is different. It is full of possibilities. It consists of my family, of days that last longer as the sun stays out until late, of weekends that last for 2 whole days – not study day and then one other day to cram in all the chores and fun we can.

It is during this time that I feel the need to feed the non-academic side of my life. I want to let the artist roam free – create art in some manner – through writing, through gardening, through whatever strikes me. So, my mind is wandering to fun projects today – what I can create, what I can read, what I can grow. Now where is that sun??