Choosing a Law School Specialty Area

At what point does one choose a law school specialty?  Seems second year is a good time to be seriously considering it.  I’m on a quest to find “the most interesting area of law.” OK, so I know there is no single answer to this question. Well, there is, but it’s “it depends,” as in, depends on who you are asking. Let me be more specific – I’m questing for myself. I am plagued by both being interested in a LOT of things, and nothing specifically 🙂 Vague enough? Actually, I think I put it more succinctly over lunch today with an actual, practicing lawyer: I am plagued by a short attention span and a really good imagination. For every area of interest, I can easily picture both the really interesting parts, and the parts that will drive me crazy. So, anyway, I am going to lot of presentations and plan on talking to practicing attorneys in various fields to find out what their daily life is really like. There is life after law school, or so I am told, so I best start envisioning what it will be for me.

If I can see it, I can become it!

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