Kelton April 2008Boy Wonder had a wonderful Birthday weekend, complete with family party, playing in the backyard, and about 40 holes of “glo golf” (dark mini-golf course with black lights, an underwater theme of brightly colored sea creatures, and balls that glow under the black lights) that we enjoyed on Sunday. We managed to get the house cleaned, carpets cleaned and lawn mowed before the family party, and my partner did last minute pick-ups and prep work while I studied Saturday morning. We did not exactly have out the¬†crystal champagne¬†glasses, but everything looked just right for a 6-year-old’s birtday party. His theme was Crayola Art – so lots of bright colors and a cake decorated with a box of chalk and container with a little chalkboard on the outside. Very cute and so appropriate for our budding artist. He is always interested in art supplies and creating things. He’s a bit of a non-representational artist – his things are more free-flowing, which may not win him points at school, but we don’t like to stifle his creativity by insisting he draw identifiable objects in expected colors.

How did our boy get to be 6? He was three when I started law school. How time flies!