Anyone who has found this site may be wondering if I have been updating my law school blog posts. The answer is YES!  Well, to be more precise, I have been sorting through my old blog posts, removing lots of rambling entries that I made during the time I was working, going to school, raising kids, and generally going crazy, and reposting the best material.  I want to make this site really valuable for those who are either trying to decide whether going to law school (or any graduate level program) is a good decision for their family, or who are trying to get through law school now and realizing how tough it is on their family.  If you are in one of those categories, I think that by reading about what I went through, the stress, the fun, and the challenges, you will get an idea of the things you should be thinking about, and maybe some tips for how I coped.  True, these are just blog posts, and at the time they were written they were not meant to be super informative.  I was mostly writing for family, friends, and myself. Now and then, I actually did post a summary of tips, mostly because people would email me and ask how the heck I was doing it!  Hopefully, I will get some of those posted soon. It’s been a lot of work going back through all my old law school blog posts, but if this ends up a useful site for people, it will be worth it!