Wow it is going to be a busy semester for me and for Partner! I am wondering if I should start making lists:

– get up

– get showered, dressed, eat, take care of animals, interact with Boy if he wakes up

– go to work OR go to internship; work while there

– go to work if at internship

– do homework over lunch if not done and not an internship day

– work some more

– go to school

– eat dinner, call family, say goodnight to kids

– go to one or two classes, depending on the night

– drive home

– see partner and try to reconnect as I wonder what I did all day

– possibly watch a short amount of tv to decompress

– fall asleep as quickly as possible because the alarm will be going off in about 6 hours

What else? Birthday invitations, call my mom, make dental appointments, pick up milk on the way home, order prescription dog food, send partner cute ecard, go to kitchen to get MORE COFFEE!

Well, you get the idea. My partner’s list is different from mine, but no shorter, in fact, it is amazing how much one can/must do in even one hour with two kids at home. Crazy!

So far, for me this semester is still new and mostly fun. In a few weeks, I am sure I will be ready for this semester to be over and summer fun to start!