In many ways, this blog is all about law school for nontraditional students.  I lived it so these are my stories, my ramblings, and sometimes advice.  At the time they were written mostly for family and friends, but over time, I saw that many other non-traditional students were finding value in my experiences.  That’s a really powerful by-product of me wanting to document my experiences for family and friends.  That people are still finding these posts is even more impressive and I am happy that my words can offer guidance.

Just a quick update about what I have been working on lately.  I am still reviewing old blog posts and reposting the most relevant ones to this site. It seems that people are finding them useful. That’s been sort of a “spare time” activity, and there’s not been much of that.  The bulk of my time is being taken up with a much bigger project (drumroll please) – a new book!  I am very excited to announce that this summer I will be releasing a book filled with advice and ideas about what you need to research in order to know if going to law school is right for you and your family, and then lots of tips for making it through law school and the bar exam for those who do embark upon the journey of law school.  This is a book especially written for non-traditional students like I was – a mom, a wife, and an employee who had to hold down a job while going to school. I know the challenges and the things I wish I had known sooner.  I really want to share those learnings with parents who are considering going through law school and those already in the midst of it all.

I will occasionally post updates about the book here, but if you’d like to be added to the mailing list so you will know as soon as it becomes available, please sign up using the form at the top or side of this page.  For a limited time, I will be offering a special discounted rate, so please sign up to be sure to get access to that offer as soon as it is available.