Well, at least I have gone to all of my classes, including the extra one that I registered for in case I decided I didn’t like one of my classes. I did like the class I was unsure of – Legislative and Political Process – so now I get to drop the spare.

I think it will be a good semester, and I am especially happy that our Crim Pro prof, a prosecuting atty and first-time faculty member, seems like he will be very good. Quite entertaining and clear, plus the polish one might expect of a TV prosecutor. I really appreciate that during a twice-a-week class that runs from 8-9:30. As I have said many times, I pay good money for this and I want to be entertained. Some people just really want a sharp professor that will teach them the law in a way that challenges them. I want an entertainer that can also educate me. Better chance it will stay in my memory that way.

I only have classes three nights a week, leaving other nights for homework, which is good.