Third Year

I Mostly Still Live in Our Home

My partner asked me this morning if I still live in our home. “Part time” was my answer. Last night my energy law class got out at 9:20. I am usually home by 10:00, unless I stay after to ask questions. Last night was one of those nights. I needed a bit of clarification on a few points for a paper I am working on for another class. It was 10:00 before I even walked out of the classroom. I am glad I stayed, and the prof. rocks for...

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What is it that law students are best at? Arguing? Public debate? Writing well researched documents? Drinking? No. I think most of us will agree it is PROCRASTINATION! We put off the things we know we must do in an effort to avoid/deny how much there is to accomplish. I’ve mentioned before, a law student’s home is never as clean as right before finals. I am getting ahead of myself though. It is not finals time, yet. It is pre-finals...

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Pre-Crunch Time for a Law School Mama

Today I see I am really down to the wire with school and am starting to get that panicky-can’t-quite-breathe, oh-crap-how-will-I-ever-get-this-all-done? feeling. I have a 25-ish page paper due, but would like to still get some feedback before handing in the final version, which probably means finalizing it during the exam period. Nice. I have way more notes than ever in 2 of my classes, making the outlining/refining process a nightmare....

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Not Bad for a Law School Mama

Did I mention that I won another scholarship? I found out last week that I won our school’s energy law scholarship. I have no idea if they give out more than one or what the competition was like, but hey – I’m happy! I bring this up on Random Thursday because I was thinking back to last night and how I promised a classmate I would stop giving her grief over dropping our energy law class because it was most likely to my benefit...

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Law School – What Was I Thinking?

Damn. I think it just hit me today: I work full time. I go to LAW SCHOOL 3/4 time. I’m raising a family. Am I nuts? This is a lot of work. I know, I know. Most of you are probably saying something to yourself right now along the lines of….”Duh.” I apparently am incredibly slow. I usually do not really get that this is a lot. It is just life. Somehow, this semester I feel like I’ve had less time to process what I...

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My Law School Schedule Requires More Coffee

What’s with this crazy law school schedule I’ve managed to create? It’s Friday morning. It’s 7:33am. I have been up since 5:12am. I’ve showered, dressed, fed the animals, scooped the litter box, greeted Boy Wonder who was up by 5:45, eaten a bit of breakfast while sitting on the couch with him watching Lilo & Stitch, let the dogs in and out and given them their carrot treats, brushed my teeth, kissed Boy and...

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Insider advice and insights to help you decide if you should pursue a higher degree while raising children, and tips for being successful if you're already on that path, from a woman who graduated from law school in her early 40's while working full-time and helping raise two young children. While most of the blog posts were originally written several years ago, they have recently been sorted for the most relevant materials, and new content is being added.

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