Recent Thoughts – Years After The Bar

Law School for Nontraditional Students – Insights Coming Soon

In many ways, this blog is all about law school for nontraditional students.  I lived it so these are my stories, my ramblings, and sometimes advice.  At the time they were written mostly for family and friends, but over time, I saw that many other non-traditional students were finding value in my experiences.  That’s a really powerful by-product of me wanting to document my experiences for family and friends.  That people are still...

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Updating Law School Blog Posts

Anyone who has found this site may be wondering if I have been updating my law school blog posts. The answer is YES!  Well, to be more precise, I have been sorting through my old blog posts, removing lots of rambling entries that I made during the time I was working, going to school, raising kids, and generally going crazy, and reposting the best material.  I want to make this site really valuable for those who are either trying to decide...

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About Me

Insider advice and insights to help you decide if you should pursue a higher degree while raising children, and tips for being successful if you're already on that path, from a woman who graduated from law school in her early 40's while working full-time and helping raise two young children. While most of the blog posts were originally written several years ago, they have recently been sorted for the most relevant materials, and new content is being added.

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